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The Need for Business Agility — Why every business needs Business Agility

četrtek, Februar 13, 2020 -
7:45am to 10:00am
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V sklopu dogodkov "Skupaj pripravljeni na prihodnost" vas tokrat vabimo na delavnico The Need for Business Agility — Why every business needs Business Agility, ki bo tokrat prva na temo POSLOVNE AGILNOSTI. Glavni dogodek s to temo bo namreč konferenca, ki bo potekala 21. in 22. maja 2020, zato si shranite datum, več informacij pa v kratkem.

The Need for Business Agility — Why every business needs Business Agility 
Today, after almost 20 years of demonstrated success using Agile practices and principles, Business is still not a part of most Agile Transformations. Agile is not just for IT. Today's businesses need to learn how to adapt and pivot as soon as something else becomes more valuable. And, with technology enabling disruption at breathtaking speeds (that are not slowing down), Business Agility has become mandatory for survival.
In this workshop, we will discuss why the Business needs to realize the importance of learning and adopting Agile behaviors, with executives trailblazing the way.

Manoj Khanna, Business Agility Strategist, Sntio LLC 
Manoj helps people and businesses to innovate, transform, and keep them ahead of the curve, as well as providing bespoke strategic advice to guide them through any challenges they are encountering. He has a proven track record of delivering top-quality guidance and knowledge to his clients, ensuring that they remain ahead of their competitors and at the forefront of their markets.

TC Gill, Humanity@Workplace Lead, Sntio LLC 
TC starts with leadership, inspiring teams with a common purpose, vision and goals. Then he taps into the power of people, sparking the best ideas to drive success. As a methodologist in Sntio, his methods are based on science, robust insights and engineered by experts. Everything is tailored to his client organization to transforming their performance. He is on a mission to help make Britain a global leader in productivity.  

Delavnica bo potekala 13.2.2020 v Hotelu Park Ljubljana, Tabor 9, 1000 Ljubljana. Udeležba je brezplačna, potrebna pa je predhodna prijava.

* Vsem, ki se boste prijavili na brezplačno delavnico in se je ne boste udeležili, bomo zaračunali 25 € administrativnih stroškov.

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Delavnica bo potekala od 7.45 - 10.00 ure.
Event Location: 
Hotel Park Ljubljana, Tabor 9, 1000 Ljubljana
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